No Pumps, Sluggish and Tired? It’s Overtraining!

Overtraining for a long period of time is detrimental to your results and more so your aggressiveness. Follow along to see if you fit the profile for any of these seven signs of overtraining and halt these problems while you are ahead.

  1. Arms, Legs, Hands and Fingers shake and quiver without control after a workout. This happens because your glycogen stores were all used up and you trained past that point.
  2. Your natural pulse rate is elevated during rest. 3 or 4 extra pulses per minute or more is a sign you have been overtraining.
  3. Consistent and aggravating muscle soreness that ceases to get better.
  4. A decrease in strength levels, peaked in your bench press or leg press and cannot perform with the same weight as before.
  5. Lack of a good Pump in the gym. Cannot seem to get the same engorged muscles you should be getting.
  6. Irritableness, short tempered and extra sensitive to anything hot or cold, or even extra sensitive to heavy light or loud sounds.
  7. Lack of aggression, feeling tired and sluggish. This translates directly to your performance in the gym.

If you are experiencing any of the 7 signs of overtraining you must stop it right away. Now that you know are, take additional steps to prevent this from happening in the future. Ideally, when you are bodybuilding, you should train up to your personal threshold and no further.