Tighter Abs – The Stomach Vacuum

I’m talking about the Transverse Abdominal Muscle.

This is part of your midsection that runs horizontally across the abdominal wall underneath your internal and external oblique muscles.

The TVS (Transverse Abdominis) muscle is responsible for pulling the abdominal wall inward and therefore forcing expiration.

The next important part of the Transverse Abdominal muscle is that it acts as a personal weight belt to stabilize your spine and pelvis region. The stronger your TV muscles are puts you at a much smaller risk of having lower back pain and will help you on heavy lifts such as squats.

Why else should I strengthen my Transverse Abdominis muscle?

Well, for the point of this article, Tighter Abs! When this muscle is stronger it holds everything else in. This can easily trim 2-4 inches off of your waistline in a matter of only 2-3 weeks.

How to train this muscle

The main exercise you must learn is called the Stomach Vacuum.

To perform this you actually pull your belly button up and in toward your spine as far as you can go. While doing this don’t forget to breathe. This exercise can be done standing, laying on your back, laying on your stomach, seated or kneeling position.

Variations and Workouts

The basic workout calls for 3 sets holding in the full stomach vacuum for 20 seconds each set. Increase this up to 60 seconds as it strengthens.

The passive workout calls for tying a string around the midsection (right around the belly button) in a tighter almost full stomach vacuum position. You can leave this on anywhere from 10 minutes to all day. It serves as a constant reminder every time it tightens that you need to pull it back in.


Now that you know what to do there are no more excuses for the distended belly, you can do these exercises during work or sitting at a computer! Stay motivated and best of luck!